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DEC is a non-profit consortium project between academic and professional organizations for international knowledge     exchange, education programs, professional certificates and industry research on distributed ledger technologies


  • We aim to create a comprehensive knowledge platform where educators and curious people can meet, as well as potential employers and startups who want to share their knowledge and find talent in this field


  • We provide our material to professors, Ph. D. students but also lecturers from universities and enterprises. Furthermore, students and student blockchain initiatives are more than welcome with a special membership type


  • We mediate between the supply and demand side of knowledge in the DLT space and foster education and research


  • We create a solid foundation for recruiting frameworks in the DLT space. Our material stems from our courses as well as cooperation with industry partners


  • Our vision consists of four pillars:      

  1. Knowledge exchange

  2. Education programs

  3. Professional certificate

  4. Industry research


Our founding members are lecturers, executives, managers, and professors in these organizations.